"The prayer of a righteous man (grandparent) is powerful and effective." James 5:16b

Encourage, equip and empower grandparents to pray regularly for their children and grandchildren, both privately and corporately.

These are challenging moral and spiritual times in which we live, especially for our grandchildren. Do we, as grandparents, understand the mighty and powerful force that prayer can be for our grandchildren in these times?

Years ago, Esther stood in the gap for her people, the Jews. Today grandparents can stand in the gap with prayer for their grandchildren.

As grandparents, we can make a significant difference in the world by praying regularly and deliberately for our grandchildren and their parents. We have an opportunity to powerfully touch the lives of another generation for eternity.

We pray you will find the information and resources here helpful as you pray for your grandchildren, get together with other grandparents to pray and learn more about how you can pass a legacy of blessing to future generations.

The single most important relationship to cultivate in our lifetime, is a friendship with Jesus, through prayer”

(Laurel Braun)

“Fervent, faith-filled prayer is not a duty to be done, but a privilege to embrace. Prayer is the place where grandparents meet with God to align our hearts with His holy purposes and grand design for our grandchildren.”

(Dave Schiedel)

“The greatest gift we can give our grandchildren is the gift of a praying grandparent”

(Lillian Penner)

Laurel Braun
Facilitator, Canadian Prayer Ministries
Sherry Schumann
Director of Prayer Ministries
Lillian Penner
Church Relations Coordinator
Christian Grandparenting Network (Canada)
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