What is the difference between a Courageous Grandparenting Seminar and Conference?

  • A seminar is a one-day event with six one-hour interactive teaching sessions.
  • A conference is typically a two-day event utilizing selected seminar sessions plus individual workshops.

What is the content of the Courageous Grandparenting Seminar?

The five sessions of either the Seminar or the Conference are built around Scriptural teaching related to grandparenting embodied in three Biblical roles:

  • Gatekeeper
  • Story Teller
  • Blessing Giver

Each session is creatively presented to help grandparents flesh out what it means to be courageously intentional in how the Gospel of Christ shapes how we teach our grandchildren to live for Christ in today’s world. Here are the titles of the core five sessions we use:

  • WAKE UP! Building a Legacy That Matters
  • TAKE UP! Two Pivotal Roles
  • GEAR UP! Allies or Adversaries (Parents and Grandparents)
    • Option in Lieu of GEAR UP:  LOOK UP! Build a Legacy of Prayer
  • BUILD UP! Unleashing the Power of Spoken Blessing
  • STEP UP! Let’s Take the Hill Country

We can also design a seminar format that is built around your time limitations. All of the sessions listed above are stand-alone sessions that can be done as a single workshop, or we can work with you to construct a two, three or four-hour seminar that satisfies your situation.

Contact us for more information on hosting a Courageous Grandparenting event.