Making much of Christ to the next generations

Join us for the Legacy Grandparenting Summit

Are you a Christian grandparent? You can have an incredible impact on the spiritual direction and destiny of your grandchildren with the right tools and encouragement. Let us help!

Get your tickets today to the 2021 Legacy Grandparenting Summit Simulcast October 21-22.

Unleash the potential and maximize the impact you can have in the lives of not only your grandkids, but the children of your community as well!

Building a Legacy That Outlives You

We are passionate about Motivating Grandparents to Invest in Eternity to Multiple Generations.

“We must not hide them from their children, but must tell a future generation the praises of the Lord … so that they might put their confidence in God.” Psalm 78:4-7

“Dedicated to the stewardship of life shaped by the gospel of Jesus Christ”

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